Sebastian Bach and Santa Cruz Baltimore Soundstage 5/17/2016

No photo pit woes but a great show!

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When a music photographer has to shoot from the crowd, they have to either get there super early to get up front or use a nice long lens to basically cover the event. I chose to get to this show early as my shooting style leads more to dynamic images that need that up close and personal coverage that I work hard for every show. I was able to secure a position stage right (to the left in layman's terms). I waited for about an hour for the opener Santa Cruz to take the stage. I was lucky to know a few people at the show, so I was able to sneak a bathroom break and have my buddy (Wayne)  hold the spot for me. The crowd was restless and there was a semi fight to the left of me with a few women staking their spot and holding their ground.

There was no photo pit, but it was a really great show. The lights went down, and Santa Cruz took the stage. Hailing from Helsinki, Finland the band took the stage with long blond locks with major chops to match and played a set of inspired New Wave of British Metal. They reminded me of a mix of Def Leppard and the current sound of todays radio friendly metal.

Arttu Kuosmanen's, vocals are killer, as well as his guitar chops. Joonas Parkkonen's guitar virtuosity keeps the band grounded on stage left. Bassist Mitja Toivonen stage presence is energetic, and he keeps the band grounded with drummer, Tapani Fagerström, holding down the beat. All players in this band have major chops and played a great set. They performed like any well seasoned touring band. It will be interesting to see where things go for this band. I wish the best for them in today's music business climate!

Next up Sebastian Bach...

Last time I saw Baz was in the 80's with his well known band Skid Row. I've heard about his unfriendly attitude towards photographers, so I kept my presence low and stealthy. Baz and the boys took awhile to hit the stage, and the crowd was restless. This tour Sebastian is doing an acoustic set, as well as, a full on rock set. The acoustic set at this show was short and full of technical issues. It's a show; it happens. Baz took it in stride and took the frustration and put it into the show making a few funny remarks and frustrated gestors. After a few acoustic style tunes, the band left the stage to prepare for the full on set. AC/DC's It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock n Roll) was played over the PA and was suitable for the technical issues and longevity of Sebastian's career.

The band played well. Baz's vocals were on, as well as, his performance. It's a tough road being a rock star and climbing up and down the ladder of success. From what I see, Sebastian Bach still has it, and this night was a good night of hard driven rock n roll! Get out and see this tour. You won't be disappointed.

I'll see you at a show!