Buckethead @Baltimore Soundstage 5/10/2016

As a guitar player, I was looking forward to seeing this show. I arrived about 20 min before the proposed set time of 8pm to find out there was no photo pit to shoot from and that the photogs were to shoot from the floor or VIP section of the venue (Baltimore Soundstage). The place was packed and ready so getting up close was a hard sell to the fans that got there early.

I was looking forward to a full band set up but come to find out Buckethead played solo this night using backing tracks for musical support. This was odd and to me, seemed amateurish, and his playing during the first 3 tunes was uninspiring. It seemed more on the ends of a local guitar/American idol wanna be.

I left after 3 songs, so I hope Buckethead fulfilled his fans expectations! For me the show would have been more appealing if he had a full band.

I'll see you at a show!